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Born from  a variety of influence, this collection leads you through a multi-textured soundscape.

'Como el Viento' may have you seeing banditos fleeing through the desert on horseback, riding 'like the wind' to freedom.

'Run Away' is not only a  love song or ballad (to my 'Mimi'), but also a comment on social behavior and how we treat each other.

Then you're taken on a bit of a journey to another place and time, a tale on the edge of reality, a story of birth, growth, failure and triumph. A yarn spun by someone who exemplified the quintessential Shakespearean man in a life of quiet desperation, 'The Scholar'. This song is an 'aRtifaKt' of my own and carries with it not only the weight of trying to 'get it right', but also the memory of the original bass player on the song, Eric Melby, who left us too early in January 2019.

After that harrowing sojourn, you're led to a place of tranquil reflection; perhaps a grassy hill on the edge of a pond; or laying under a massive Oak on a bed of autumn leaves; maybe mesmerized by a tidal pool with waves washing all around; ... or insert your own vision to sooth the savage best within! 'Breathe'!

I hope you will find this an enjoyable listening experience. Please feel free to leave a comment on the Contact/Reach-out page. I'd love to hear your 'take' on the album!

Thanks for taking the time to check this out!


- Credits -

Recorded at Full Well Recording Studio Phoenix, AZ - 2018 / 2019

Engineered and Produced by: Kolby Peoples, JB Kocis, Mike Bolenbach

Acoustic & Electric guitars, 5 string Fretless Bass: Lennie

Drums and percussion: JB Kocis

Vocals: Lennie

Echoplex, Chime & Guiding Light: Mike Bolenbach


Special thanks to Kevin Kocis.


Also deserving special thanks: Kolby, JB, Mike & Joe!